We head to sunny Spain to hear all about the great conditions, sustainable practices and fantastic flavour behind the new range of SpinneysFood seedless grapes


Moyca started as a family business in 1995 in Murcia, Spain. The 3000 hours of sunshine they receive a year combined with their perfect location high above sea level has ensured great success for the company.


Working with leading breeding programs around the world, Moyca is able to ensure that different varieties of grapes are grown and harvested at the optimal times in the season. From growing to harvesting and packing preparations, all of Moyca’s grapes are picked by hand and cared for by highly trained personnel.

They are also a Global GAP certified grower, meaning they employ sustainable and safe farming practices, such as utilising high-tech irrigation techniques and composting all of their natural waste. Significantly, the company have recently installed solar panels on their farms in order to help generate renewable energy for the surrounding communities in Murcia.


The company’s hands-on approach to harvesting allows them to produce an interesting range of products, including Sable, Cotton Candy and Strawberry Grapes. Spinneys’ partnership with Moyca began some seven years ago, and thanks to their shared values regarding quality, best practice and sustainability, the two have formed a strong relationship that has only grown over time.

You can find SpinneysFood Seedless Red, White and Black Grapes in stores now.