Leek Tulips

Sophisticated and sustainably sourced, farm-fresh tulips from the Netherlands are our Season’s Best this spring


Family-run company Leek Tulips is based in Berkhout in the north of the Netherlands. Tulips have become synonymous with Holland since their introduction there in the 17th century, and the country as a whole now exports 630 million bulbs in Europe and 370 million outside Europe. Leek Tulips was formed in 1970 by Gerard Leek; in 1993, his sons Arjan and Pieter, took over the reins.


Leek Tulips is a sophisticated nursery with high levels of sustainability and state-of-the-art processing and packing facilities – the Netherlands has a huge share of the world’s horticultural production, with 60 square kilometres of land under glass – the well-drained soil and cool spring weather provide ideal conditions for tulip-growing. The country is a leader in green genomics, focusing on sustainability, safe production, resistance to disease and energy efficiency: many greenhouses are innovative, with moving platforms, innovative lighting and waste and water recycling.

Since 1985, Leek Tulips has specialised in breeding and growing tulips – it now has 15 hectares under production and 35 hectares devoted to breeding tulips of the best quality – red, yellow, orange, purple, pink and bi-coloured. The bulbs are started off inside, then after three weeks transferred to glasshouses to mature.

In terms of meeting the highest standards of sustainability, the company breeds on water within a closed breeding system so there’s little wastage. In recognition of this cultivation process, as well as the high quality of its flowers, Leek Tulips has been awarded MPS-GAP certification.

Once the tulips are ready for harvesting, they undergo a highly automated processing system. After grading them, the bulbs are removed and the flowers gathered into uniform-sized bunches. This on-site processing allows the company to meet customer demand quickly, maintaining the tulips’ freshness as much as possible.


Spinneys stocks a range of flowers from Leek Tulips. Look out for them in store to add a touch of spring brightness and colour to your home.

Find out more at leektulips.nl