Joseph Heler

Using top-quality milk from farmers who work to the highest standards of animal welfare, Joseph Heler supply Spinneys with award-winning cheeses


As a child, Joseph Heler loved little more than to watch his grandmother making her daily batch of farmhouse cheese. He soon joined in and by 1957 had formed his very own cheesemaking company. Now, almost six decades on, his son Mike and grandson George are supplying award-winning cheeses around the world.

George says the partnership is the perfect meeting of minds: “Both Spinneys and Joseph Heler share a passion for high-quality products made in a sustainable way.” One of the secrets behind the company’s success is its traditional approach to production, with cheeses left to mature for up to 15 months because, as George explains, “good cheese can’t be rushed”.


According to George, “with cheese, everything starts from the milk”. This comes from the dairy’s own Helton herd, as well as over 100 farms in the local area. And importantly for Spinneys, while Joseph Heler still operates from the original dairy, it is fully committed to the best possible practices in farming and cheese production, all the way from collecting the milk to producing the cheese.

This dedication includes following the guidelines of the Red Tractor scheme, designed in part to help protect the environment through safe and sustainable farming methods, including keeping waste and pollution to a minimum.


When you take into account the Gold awards the company has won for its mature cheddar at the International and British cheese awards, it becomes clear that Joseph Heler’s cheese really is the cream of the crop.

Find a selection of Joseph Heler’s cheeses – including cheddar, Red Leicester and Double Gloucester – in stores, available as part of the SpinneysFood range.

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