Fruits Unlimited

The South African producer goes to great lengths to ensure its varieties and sustainability measures are of the highest class

What is stone fruit?

Otherwise known as a drupe, a stone fruit is a fleshy fruit with a large, hard stone inside. Members of the stone fruit family include plums, peaches, nectarines, lychees, mangoes and cherries.

The right choice

When selecting stone fruit, search for those with richly coloured, unblemished skin, but don’t overlook any with small speckles: these marks are sugar spots, and mean the fruit is extra sweet. If stone fruit needs time to ripen at home, keep it at room temperature with the stem side down. Once fully ripe – at this stage nectarines and peaches give off a sweet, floral aroma – store in the fridge.

More on Fruits Unlimited...

- Founded in South Africa in 2001 by growers with a passion for high-quality food, Fruits Unlimited exports world-class produce around the globe.

- Since 2015 it has supplied Spinneys with citrus fruit, avocados and stone fruit, in store from October to May.

- Fruits Unlimited are passionate about offering exciting varieties of stone fruit with exceptional flavour.

- South Africa’s unique microclimate and geographical diversity allows the company to grow a wide range over a long season.

- The company has a strict policy of sustainability: one of their farms in the Western Cape is run using renewable energy, all fruit is fully traceable and continuous quality control ensures optimum sugar levels and appearance.

The perfect eat

The Fruits Unlimited team recommends serving baked plums with mascarpone. And we have some ideas, too – browse through our recipes and take your pick.

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