Since 1785, seventh-generation Flahavan's have been producing porridge with totally naturally, locally grown crops and a unique milling process. They certainly know their oats…

The company

Family-run Flahavan’s have always believed in keeping things local, harvesting their oats within 80 kilometres of the mill in County Waterford, Ireland. This ‘small batch’ approach allows them to focus on quality and consistency, producing oats with a particularly creamy taste, less processed texture and golden appearance.

Careful cultivation

So what makes Flahavan’s oats so special? The indigenous oat variety used, barra, is perfectly suited to southern Ireland’s growing conditions: the purest rainwater, mild climate year-round and excellent nutrition from non-intensively farmed soil.

It’s all about the process…

After harvesting, the oats are stored at an optimum temperature and humidity before being kiln-roasted. The outer husk remains, protecting the inner kernel, which allows the oats to pass through the kiln more slowly. This longer roasting time gives a greater depth of flavour and deeper golden colour.

Environmentally friendly efficiency

Flahavan’s were founding members of Origin Green – the Irish Food Board’s national initiative for sustainability – and it’s a philosophy they certainly take to heart. Over 60 per cent of the company’s energy requirements come from electricity generated by wind and water turbines with water from the original mill stream – they even burn the outer shell of the oats to power the boiler, which generates steam for the cooking process (other mills use diesel or fossil fuels, which can affect taste).


As well as being a brilliant source of soluble fibre beta-glucan, plus antioxidants, manganese, zinc and selenium, Flahavan’s oat fat content is about 27-37 per cent lower than others.