The heritage breed organic Bronze turkeys reared at Crowe's Farm roam free in the Irish countryside, producing a bird whose flavour and texture is a cut above the rest


Like many farms in Ireland, Crowe’s Farm in County Tipperary is very much a family concern, run by John Paul (known as JP) and his three brothers, Eamonn, TJ and Patrick. The brothers work hard to continue a strong family tradition of responsible farming, started by their great grandfather, Edward and grandfather Tom.

This family heritage means that Crowe’s Farm supplies some of the most succulent Bronze turkeys you could hope to find, yet this move into turkey farming came about almost by accident. “We used to get customers coming in to ask if we produced turkeys. It became clear that demand was there, so in 2009 we took the opportunity and reared 150 birds,” says JP.


JP believes that the farm’s methods of rearing the flock really add to the taste experience. “The turkeys are raised outdoors and fed a chemical-free, certified organic mix, grown locally. They are also free to roam over the organic grassland in this lush part of Ireland. These conditions help to produce particularly succulent meat.”

Another factor that contributes to the turkeys’ great taste is that they grow at their own pace, rather than being intensively reared. “We buy them as day-old chicks in June and from five to six weeks old they are left outdoors from dawn to dusk up until December. Over this six-month period, the meat has time to develop a superb texture and depth of flavour,” says JP.


It’s no surprise that a home-grown Bronze turkey takes centre stage on the Crowe family’s Christmas table. “We love our turkey and Christmas Day is a great family occasion for us, especially after all the very busy weeks and months leading up to it. We tuck into a nice organic turkey to sample our hard work. Our favourite way of cooking it is to place the bird breast-side down in a roasting dish and then turn it breast-side up for the last half hour of cooking.”

Crowe’s Farm supplies Spinneys with organic Bronze turkeys, which can be found in stores in time for Christmas.

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