Spinneys sells highly prized Nordmann fir trees from Bjergeskovgaard in Denmark, where production is carefully monitored to ensure unbeatable quality

For many families, a Christmas tree is one of the major symbols of the festive season, with its lights, decorations and the gifts that sit underneath it. So it’s important to make the right choice – to pick a tree that will last without dropping needles or drying out. That’s why Spinneys sources its trees from Bjergeskovgaard, one of the first and finest producers of Nobilis and Nordmann firs in northern Europe.

These trees have become so popular, with the Nordmann fir the festive tree of choice worldwide, that Denmark now grows over 8 million per year. The farm, located on the Danish island of Funen, has 395 hectares of forest and is part of the Broholm Castle estate, which has been in the Sehested family since 1730. These days the company is run by Catherine Grice, who is continuing the family tradition started by her grandfather Jørgen Sehested, and her father, John Grice.

At Bjergeskovgaard, the focus is on maintaining high standards, both in the cultivation of the trees and in their distribution: Catherine personally marks each tree that is suitable for export, to ensure its size and quality. A dedicated team of professionals oversees the whole production process so that Bjergeskovgaard always delivers first-class trees.

So what is it that makes these trees so special? The farm is built on sandy soil, which allows the trees to grow more slowly, making them more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. Across the whole of Scandinavia there is high awareness of and adherence to ethical and sustainable practices in all areas of life – for Bjergeskovgaard, this means following EU guidelines for sustainable plant production.

To find your perfect tree this Christmas, head in store from the end of November and browse through our selection of shapes and sizes, ready to be taken home and decorated just the way you like it.