The best berries all have excellent flavour and texture and a plump appearance – characteristics that drive BerryWorld to breed fruit that is ripe for the picking


How do BerryWorld produce such exquisite berries? Through constant improvement. Since 1994, the company’s breeding programme has focused on creating better varieties of berry, with specific reference to achieving ultimate flavour and texture. This process takes time, but is necessary for the fruit to be deemed good enough for consumers.

Spinneys and BerryWorld share the same principles for fresh produce – it has to be grown sustainably and taste great – so it’s little surprise their partnership is so strong.


All their berries are sourced from farms with eco-friendly, sustainable farming methods such as using rainwater and natural pest control. Many are members of LEAF and, in the UK, the farms restrict the use of chemicals that may have a negative impact on bee populations.

One challenge is finding a way to transport the fruit so it arrives to stores in optimum condition. BerryWorld achieve this by packing the berries with minimal handling. They are chilled and wrapped in a foil blanket for protection from high temperatures, meaning the berries reach Spinneys in perfectly ripe, peak form.


BerryWorld’s strawberries, blackberries and raspberries – sourced worldwide for year-round availability – can be found in stores under the spinneysFOOD label.

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