Amaury Tremblay

Our bakery team waits excitedly for Christmas to arrive so that when it does, they’re all set to produce beautifully festive cakes, yule logs, pies and more…

There’s little that matches the festive thrill of baking goodies. It’s a feeling we love so much that we can’t help but get going early: planning our selection, sourcing the finest ingredients, perfecting recipes and dreaming up winter wonderland designs. To get a little taste of the treats available this year, we visited Amaury Tremblay, our bakery category manager (AKA the Santa Claus of the bakery) to learn more about the team’s efforts.


As Christmas is such a traditional celebration, we follow time-honoured methods. The baking of our Christmas cakes, for instance, begins one month before the festive period gets into full swing – we do this in order to give the flavours a chance to mix, mingle and mature. There are many steps (too many to mention!) and due to its complex and decadent nature of the cake, we’ve produced just 1,000 special editions.


You might have seen earlier this year that we made a commitment to ensuring all spinneysFOOD bakery products are free from any nasties. As a result, our Christmas baking plans were even more detailed than usual. Sourcing ingredients that meet our new guidelines wasn’t an easy process, but after many months of searching, we found the ideal set for creating bakes every bit as delicious as usual, only this time without any hydrogenated fats, trans fats and artificial flavours and colours.


No matter which treat you choose – our Christmas cake, of course, but also our mince pies, gingerbread men and yule logs – you can be sure only the best ingredients were used. For example, all dried fruits are sourced from southern Italy, home to some of the world’s finest. And as is our way all year round, it will have been baked with love.