Al Dahra Bartlett

With its exclusively produced potatoes available at Spinneys, we trail Al Dahra Bartlett’s beginnings and plans for a sustainable future


The Spinneys buyers are passionate about working with people who share their vision for quality produce harvested in a sustainable manner.

One such group is Al Dahra Bartlett, based in Abu Dhabi. The partnership began when Al Dahra started to work alongside the UAE government with a view to preserving the country’s water supplies and ensuring a sustainable number of key commodities.

With potatoes being one of those commodities, it made perfect sense for Al Dahra to collaborate with Albert Bartlett, a highly respected potato producer in the UK. They were able to provide knowledge regarding packing and logistics and, in 2014, Al Dahra Bartlett began trading.

The next step was to find a reputable local stockist. Fortunately, the fruit and vegetable buyers at Spinneys were already aware of Albert Bartlett’s philosophy on sustainability. As a result, the company now not only supplies Spinneys with potatoes but also grows certain varieties, including the award-winning Vivaldi, exclusively for them.

Because of its velvety and creamy texture, the Vivaldi potato is otherwise known as the butterless baker – that’s right, it tastes so good you don’t need to add butter.


And what a potato it is; a versatile spud that, because of its thin yellow skin and sweet taste, is particularly well suited to baking, mashing and steaming.

Like Spinneys, Al Dahra Bartlett is passionate about traceability, protecting the environment and social responsibility, while all of its farmers are Global G.A.P. certified.

With sustainable practices now in place, Al Dahra is focused on increasing the number of growers or partners in the region, consequently expanding the range of potatoes available at Spinneys.

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