AAA Growers

We meet the Kenyan-based producer, whose fresh herbs are available under the SpinneysFood label


Four years ago, Kenya-based AAA Growers – at that time already one of the country’s leading vegetable suppliers – added herbs to its range of crops.


So what’s behind Spinneys’ relationship with the Global GAP-certified AAA? First and foremost, the producer farms in an environmentally friendly way. Crop rotation – the process of giving soil time to regenerate before replanting the same crops – is in place. Each of the company’s four farms has its own facility for packaging the herbs, which helps minimise the distance the produce needs to travel.

Importantly, too, there is a shared emphasis on consistent quality. All the herbs are picked by hand early in the morning, then stored in a cold room to remove residual field heat and ensure the maximum fresh flavour is retained. Next the herbs are graded and packed into special MAP (modified atmosphere packaging) bags designed to offer longer shelf life. The growing conditions in Kenya are perfect during the summer months (when typically high temperatures in the UAE make local production challenging). This means customers can buy safe, high-quality herbs year round.

And this commitment to ensuring Spinneys customers receive the freshest and best herbs doesn’t end at the farm. Even at the transport stage, where flight delays can mean there is a risk that the herbs lose moisture, shipments are kept in cold storage with the temperatures monitored all the way to store – still in tip-top condition.


AAA Grower's herbs (including basil, thyme, chives, mint, rosemary, chervil, dill, coriander, sage, oregano and parsley) are sold under the ever-growing SpinneysFood label, available in tagged 50g or 100g bunches and pre-packed bags.

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