Turn our ready-prepared exotic vegetable stir-fry mix into 3 stunning plates

A real hue’s hue of bright colours


1. Sesame tofu stir-fry

Season tofu cubes and pan-fry in a little oil until golden on both sides. Scatter with sesame seeds and serve with the veggies, stir-fried first with soy sauce.

2. Avo on toast – with extra veg!

Smoosh avocado on toast. Top with stir-fried veggies, a poached egg and plenty of cracked black pepper.

3. Satay lettuce cups

Stir-fry the vegetables then stir in store-bought satay sauce. Use to fill baby gem lettuce leaves and top with coriander and roasted peanuts.

Be Prepared With a pack of ready-prepared veggies in your fridge, you’ll never be far away from a fantastic feast. Explore our store to find your route to colour, crunch and creativity.


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