How to turn 1 pack of diced butternut squash into 3 ridiculously easy dishes

A delicious soup, roast side and creamy pasta right this way


1. Roasted squash soup with tahini yogurt

Tip roasted squash into a blender with hot veg stock. Blitz until silky smooth, season and pour into bowls. Finish with chilli flakes and a cooling swirl of tahini-spiked yogurt.

2. Roasted butternut squash

Coat the squash and halved garlic bulbs with olive oil, salt, pepper and some thyme sprigs. Roast until tender. Ideal on top of homemade pizza, in salads and soups or even used to make dips.

3. Creamy squash & spinach pasta

Boil store-bought filled pasta and at the same time wilt spinach in a pan. Drain the pasta, add to the spinach and stir in crème fraîche and roasted squash. Top with a poached egg.

Did you know? Our squash packs can be microwaved in the bag for total ease and convenience. And if you'd like more, there are delicious dishes to be made with both our ready-to-cook stir-fry mix and our ramen mix.


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