3 meal ideas with spinneysFOOD Mango Snippets

Mix and match your way to delicious (simple) dishes

1. Vanilla and mango ice cream

Stir mango snippets through spinneysFOOD Vanilla Ice Cream (softened slightly first). Scoop into waffle cones or serve in bowls.

2. Curried chicken and mango salad

Mix a pinch of curry powder through a few generous dollops of natural yogurt. Season, add mango snippets, mint leaves and shredded roast chicken. Serve with spiralised cucumber.

3. Mango muffins

Pipe store-bought frosting onto spinneysFOOD Vanilla Muffins. Decorate with a little mound of mango snippets.

DID YOU KNOW? There are also sun-dried raisins in our range, ideal for both cooking and snacking.


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