Chicken and butternut squash korma

Spice up your nights

Sound the suspect joke klaxon, because this korma for four is here to curry favour. How? You can make it happen in way under an hour – and without need for a knife.

Slowly caramelise 125g spinneysFOOD Diced White Onion and 300g spinneysFOOD Diced Butternut Squash in coconut oil. Wait until soft and sweet before fishing out.

Brown 500g chicken thighs in the same pan (gotta save those flavours) then stir in about 200g korma paste (too mild? Add more). Fry until fragrant.

Return the onions and squash with a handful of fresh green peas and beans, some freshly grated coconut (roughly 4 tbsp) and 400ml coconut milk. Simmer (lid on) for 20 minutes or so.

Bulk out with a bag of baby spinach and garnish with coriander and flaked almonds. Serve with rice (for sauce soaking) and naan (for the meat & veg scooping).

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